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The Day I Touched The Universe – Video

The day I touched the UniverseUniverse is a scary place. It is big, beyond your imagination. Sometimes, it screams on your face, do you know what I am, how grand I am, how old I am, can you even comprehend what I am, what are you compared to me? And when you know enough science you reply, dude, I AM you. Just look up at dark sky, the star you see, thousands of light years away, the light emitted hundreds of years ago by that star is detected by your eyes. Even if you can never touch that star you feel a connection to universe by that narrow photon beam. Your eyes are made from same material as that supernova. You are stepped out from the supernova. I feel safe being in the universe despite of the massive force and energy flares surrounding me.

Religion promotes fear in you, fear of death, fear of going to hell, fear of burning for eternity. People who understand science do not fear from it or from the vast universe. Instead they are amazed by it, they are curious about it. Astronomy is humbling and character building experience. If you appreciate universe, you won’t have fear of death. You don’t have to know the ultimate answer or solve any puzzle. I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose which is the way it really is as far as I can tell possibly, but it doesn’t frighten me.



  1. Aprameyam
    Aprameyam January 29, 2011

    “Religion promotes fear in you, fear of death, fear of going to hell, fear of burning for eternity.”

    The Religion promotes fear is not a religion at all. Religion is not limited upto what to do and what not to do but beyond the sphere of intellectual potentialities. Believe me when I say ‘BEYOND INTELLECTUAL POTENTIALITIES’.

    Religion is balancing factor between outside skin and inside most inner at core of existential-existence.

    Science is all about the world outside skin. It’s not comparable to religion. Both are on everlasting journey under processing nodes and of same value in avoiding chaos among dynamic shell individually and collectively.

  2. Prashant shah
    Prashant shah February 27, 2011

    You Brij makes lot of sance.Thankyou

  3. Kislay Chandra
    Kislay Chandra March 14, 2011

    Hey Brijesh,

    Stumbled on to your weblog today. Great site. Lots of cool stuff. I will be spending quite some time here. Kudos . 🙂

    • Brijesh
      Brijesh May 9, 2011


      I am glad you liked it.

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