Why I hate BlackBerry

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My 60 days of bad experiences with Blackberry 8900.

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Harsha Bhogle – Achievers of Excellence @ IIM Ahmedabad

Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle is sharing his experience about his college life and career life at IIM Ahmedabad. And its not his experiences thats interesting, but the way he analyzed it and presented it. These videos are long but be ready to get hypnotized after watching it.

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Experience in china (by real dudes)

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Some american dudes visited china and they are talking about their experience of their stay. Now this is what I call the first-hand-experience. Their words describe the true flow of their experience. For some reason I loved it. The video is long (about 10 mins) but its worth watching it.

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John Hodgman Speech & President Obama

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You might know this guy from Apple’s “Mac vs PC” ad campaign. He gave a great speech at Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner. Just listen to his video, you will feel your inner geekiness coming out of you.

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Videos I like

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Tata Safai Dicor ad – Reclaim your Life One of my favorite television ad of all time. Do you wanted to do something in your life and it is still undone? Watch this fabulous video and reclaim your life. Randy Pausch Graduation Speech Who can give better advise about life […]

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People I like

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There are few people, who comes in your life and completely changes your view towards how you look at love, life, friends, memories and your future. These people don’t come so often but when they do, you don’t need a second to identify them. And mostly, they are not your […]

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How youth ends

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Some generally unspoken theories about Youth & Aging. How your thinking changes between when you were young and when you are adult.

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Why I hated holidays

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Yes, I used to hate holidays. Just because it made me realize how lonely I was. But not this time. I had a blast this Christmas. I went to meet some friends at Philly and they made my holidays memorable. I will never forget those days. Thanks for being with […]

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Nothing is permanent

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Nothing is permanent on sands of time. Nothing, but the memories in heart will remain. And the images in mind shall forever live. Nothing will reappear, Nothing will repeat. Never forget, But dare to dream. Life will change and it will be better. Possibly it may be better than before.

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You caught me Samir

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This is my “about me” field in one of the social networking website, “I am what I am. Nobody can change me, except me. I write my own destiny with every step that I take, Defining the Rules of Nature, Corrupting the balance of the wheel of Fate… I am […]

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