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Super Mario Bros – Life is not fair


Do you think life is not fair with you? Watch this video and you will appreciate your life. This is a 23 minute frustration of a dude playing hardest Super Mario Bros ever. I just love the way he talks playing it. My favorite part is at 3:56. Whats your favorite part?

Terminator is not fiction, its here, its happening, now.


Have you seen the movie Terminator? Ever thought it could be real? Well, it is real, the day has come. Its not in the future, its happening, right now. Robot war has already begun. There are UAVs flying over our head daily. UAVs are planes without human pilot. They can create mission on their own and destroy target. Right now, this second, there are at least 35 Predator drones in the skies over...

UTA Newcomers


This post is intended for the UTA newcomers. So if you are not associated with UTA, you can skip to next post safely. I had very intense discussion with UTA newcomers on Orkut community (with over 500 replies by now). Here is the link to that post: Orkut Thread Link I am not that active on Orkut, so you can continue that discussion here in the comments. I will reply as needed. Many people...

4 steps to get around with spam emails


Do you love spam emails? If you answered “Yes” to the above question, stop reading here. There is 99.99% chances that you answered “No” (Other 0.01% people are spammers). In this post I will talk about how I effectively get around with email spam. (May be I will post about how to get rid of the snail-mail-spam in another post sometime) The main key to get around with spam...

Bobby Mcferrin messes with your mind


You can try to resist Bobby Mcferrin, but he still messes with your mind. It looks like bunch of zombies humming around and Bobby leading them. I bet none of them have idea of what Pentatonic scale is but hey, who cares if it works. I hope to see more videos like this from Bobby!

Practical way to time travel in past


Practical way to time travel in past. I am talking about a scientific theory, not any paranormal activity or any magic or something. With the current technology we can look into the past, in every corner of the earth, every moment in the history no matter how old it is.

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