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How tiny we really are

How tiny we really are thumbnail

Do you know how tiny we actually are? Our mind can’t really process the word “12 billion light year”. Watch this short clip to get a glance of how tiny we really are in this universe. Earth is like a dot compared to other stars in this galaxy. Our planet is just a dust in the wind.


Current library system is very inefficient

Library inefficient system

I used to use library when I was a kid. It was a fun way to explore new books and the mystery of the world. But internet changed it all. I haven’t used library since ages, as everything I want is available on the internet. (You know, the not-copyrighted ‘free’ ebooks that you can download [...]


Crazy physics guy

Crazy physics guy thumbnail

Video: I like this crazy physics guy. He is teaching Newton’s law with so much enthusiasm. I figured its going to be epic when he karate-chopped that wooden board. And wait, is he drinking beer at time 1:10 in this kids program?


The cutest cooking show ever

The cutest cooking show ever thumbnail

Update(06/04/10) : It looks like the owner had made this video private for some reason. Its not available currently. Do you know what it takes to bake cookies? Here is how you do it. The cutest cooking show ever.


Everything is amazing and nobody is happy – Louis C. K.

Louis C.K. Everything is amazing and nobody is happy

Louis C.K. on Conan O’brien, talking about the spoiled generation of today. He made his point clear, everything is amazing today and nobody is happy. If you don’t know how to read engineer’s mind, here you go. Also he talked about how the guy next to him freaked out when the internet was down on his flight. But later he admitted that it was him only.


Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot – What we really are

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot – What we really are thumbnail

I have no words to describe this post. “Awesome” would not be enough. You just have to watch the video. I have attached the excerpt after the video. If you like this, you will also enjoy my other post. From this distant vantage point, the earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for [...]


Let’s say, you are the first human to make alien contact

First Alien Contact

Lets say you are the first human to make alien contact. It will be the most important moment in the history of entire human existence. The time will be denoted as pre-contact and post-contact era instead of BC and AD. You will be more important than Jesus. Here are few instruction on how not to screw that chance.


There is no God

There is no God

Everything you know is bullshit. Death isn’t real. Life is just a dream. Enjoy yourself. Stop worrying. Stop being scared. Go after what you want, even if what you want seems beyond the realm of possibility. Make it happen. You are god here on Earth, whoever you are. Even if you have to crawl out [...]