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I am in total opposition of “nick names”

Nick Name

They have named you for a reason, so that everybody can call you by that one name to uniquely identify you from the other person. If you are sitting next to a person, I call you by your unique name to distinguish you from the other. That is how naming […]

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Nature by Numbers – Video

Nature by Numbers

This is a short movie inspired by Numbers, Geometry and Nature. Its amazing to see how different theories like Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, Delaunay, Voronoi are used by nature to create amazing life form. Its magical that a honey bee who doesn’t know anything about Mathematics or Geometry can create the […]

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I often do this at movie theaters

You too at movie theaters!

I often do this at movie theaters and then I realize I shouldn’t have done this, awkward moment. No hard feelings buddy.

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How to Make Procrastination Productive (Video)

Productive Procrastination

You’ve got a big, important report to write for work and you’re dreading it. The deadline has been weighing on your mind for weeks and so far, you’ve done nothing about it. And you are still checking your facebook instead of doing it. How to convert this procrastination into productive […]

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Current library system is very inefficient

Library inefficient system

I used to use library when I was a kid. It was a fun way to explore new books and the mystery of the world. But internet changed it all. I haven’t used library since ages, as everything I want is available on the internet. (You know, the not-copyrighted ‘free’ […]

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DIY: Toilet hack

DIY: Toilet hack

Why haven’t I thought of this before. This could be the greatest toilet hack ever. And given the simplicity and the amount of time required, this prank can be done by any freak. Just try it yourself at different locations at different time. I would love to see this kind […]

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American jobs outsourced to India – The reality and the myth

Thumbnail image for American jobs outsourced to India – The reality and the myth

Reality and closer look behind outsourcing american jobs to India.

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Experience in china (by real dudes)

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Some american dudes visited china and they are talking about their experience of their stay. Now this is what I call the first-hand-experience. Their words describe the true flow of their experience. For some reason I loved it. The video is long (about 10 mins) but its worth watching it.

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I shot an arrow into the Air

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This is a small Poem I studied in my school around 8-9 years back. There is something magical about this poem that I still remember it. I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not […]

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The Value of a Drink

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Here are few reasons why drinking is good.

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