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About Me

Brijesh Chauhan


My name is Brijesh Chauhan. I live in San Francisco. I am INTP, Atheist, Minimalist and Vegetarian. If you haven’t judged me yet, read further. I tweak software for a living. Jealous?  Didn’t think so.

You can find me on facebookGoogle+ or twitter.

I like: Carl Sagan, Neil Tyson, Richard Feynman, Louis C.K., Barney Stinson, Top Gear, Extreme Machines, traveling, messing with telemarketers and funny stuff.

Movies I like:

Into the Wild, Tuesdays with Morrie, City of Angels, Good Will Hunting, Terminator series, CastAway, Back to the future, Shawshank redemption, Forest Gump, Gone in sixty seconds, K3G, Kal ho na ho, Arjun, Angoor, Beautiful mind, Ab tak 56, Sarkar

Artists I like:

Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Cold Play, Evenescene, Savage Garden, Snow Patrol, Dido, Bruce Springsteen, A.R. Rahman, K.K., Shaan, Pink Floyd

Books I like

Five Point Someone, 48 Laws of Power, James Hadley Chase, Pushing to the Front, Rich dad Poor dad, Alchemist, The monk who sold his Ferrari

Louis C.K.