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I am an Entrepreneur – I won’t be denied


I wasn’t born to be a middle manager, a middle man or middle anything. Ambition has kissed my chicks and she has whispered dreams in my ears; even so, I confess my dreams has been laughed at, and I, I love frowning back. I believe great things aren’t created by free people but man who are slaves to their ideas. I belong to my idea. And though I may be rejected, dejected or interjected, I won’t be denied. I am the harvester of opportunities, I am an Entrepreneur.


If you are wondering whats this ad about, its from the “The Power of Ideas“.


  1. Awais saleem
    Awais saleem August 15, 2012

    mubasher luqman from ARY TV exactly copied the video for promo

    mubasher promo video :
    ARY TV :

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