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  1. […] At first it starts out really motivational, all about achieving what you believe in… then you skip to a minute in and the idiot does not give up. We’re not going to spoil whether or not he succeeds, but with the amount of brain damage he incurs, who cares? Via Brijux. […]

  2. Jenko
    Jenko May 21, 2010

    That’s so funny…I was expecting to see blood…almost through the first piece, and picks up another fresh one…I haven’t laughed like that in ages…

  3. Ay
    Ay May 21, 2010

    Haha. I’m rolling here.

    Why? Why on earth did he keep doing this? For the lulz it looks like

  4. Gracey
    Gracey May 21, 2010

    Next time he might not want to try that with plywood that has layers crisscrossed purposely so that you can’t break it as easily. I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying. People in the cubes around me must think I’m a psycho.

  5. Sarah
    Sarah May 21, 2010

    So his logic is that you can do anything you want if you just believe in yourself, but if you don’t succeed first time keep trying.

    How does that work if I’m on the 20th floor and I believe I can fly?

  6. Martin
    Martin July 19, 2010

    Poor guy must have had a real head ache!!!

  7. Sherry Schlegel
    Sherry Schlegel July 19, 2010

    You have to give it to him for trying, but somewhere common sense has to come into play.
    Bless his pea pickin heart!

  8. Taylor
    Taylor July 19, 2010

    OMG are you serious! That was so freakin hilarious! Poor guy!

  9. Ben
    Ben July 19, 2010

    The lesson here is to not give up even when your head starts throbbing…or maybe you should! This kid has a great future “ahead” of him

  10. denise
    denise July 19, 2010

    this was hysterical… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time… LOVED it!!! Thank you!

  11. Amanda Ollier
    Amanda Ollier July 19, 2010

    Well done for such perseverance. You must have had a sore head but you didn’t give in and that’s what makes the difference!

  12. Squire
    Squire July 19, 2010

    Wow….. that’s determination for ya…. even though he probably woke up at 3am that night, needing to be rushed to the E.R. with a severe concussion. Poor kid. I was cringing watching that!

  13. Val
    Val July 19, 2010

    Goals should have a plan, do, and review … and also a good reason why. He seems to be missing the why. lol

  14. Cathy Carini
    Cathy Carini July 19, 2010

    OMG!! He needs to hang onto what brain cells he has left!

  15. Trever McGhee
    Trever McGhee July 19, 2010

    This person fell victim to the little secret to board breaking that 99% of the people don’t know unless you research it.
    That is if this video was not set up, which it doesn’t look like it. What you have here is a true motivational speaker in the making, who’s operating from his heart, trying his best based on the information he knows. Which is fantastic because he does not give up on the information he learned even though the material he used just about took him out!

    Plywood is designed not to break, to take an impact, watch the video again and see how it bends over his head each time and then bounces back up, that’s plywood. What probably set him off more is that he probably got lucky with the first piece he tried before he started filming.

    Pine is the number one material used because it will absorb a little bit of your impact to protect your hand from breaking but it will break.

    When using board breaking as a motivational tool it’s more about the process of it breaking through it as a metaphor then how strong the wood is. Trust me if you have a fear about breaking through or moving on, your not going to break even the weakest board. I’ve had grandmas break boards well musclebound men couldn’t, the mind is a powerful thing.

    I congratulate him on the message of never giving up!

  16. Thomas
    Thomas July 19, 2010

    I wonder how much Tylenol he had to take after this?

  17. Hypnotic Blogger
    Hypnotic Blogger July 19, 2010

    Oh my!

    My first reaction was I felt so pitiful for the poor boy.
    But I salute the Faith & Believe he has in himself.
    With proper guidance & coaching, I do trust he will go far.
    God bless him

  18. Andrea
    Andrea July 20, 2010

    OK I got the lessons:
    1. Don’t give up
    2. Follow through with things

    Painful lesson but I indeed receive the lesson…I think…

    Hope your head feels better soon 😐

  19. Gregory
    Gregory July 20, 2010

    If Tony Robbins would make use this metaphor and the same wood his seminar would be like 30 minutes not 3-6 days:-D But it shows a point that you have to get the best tools when you go for your goal. If you have used hammer instead of your head it would work at the first time:-D
    Love it!:-D

  20. Belisiomo
    Belisiomo July 20, 2010

    The lesson here: Helmet!

  21. Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
    Kytka Hilmar-Jezek July 20, 2010

    While I encourage kids and teens to step up and break through, with this one I send a disclaimer…


    I fully agree with Trevor who said “This person fell victim to the little secret to board breaking that 99% of the people don’t know unless you research it.”

    So lesson # 3 – make sure to do your research and GET THE RIGHT TOOLS for your success plan!

    Have an amazing day!

  22. Tory
    Tory July 21, 2010

    lol man das gotta hurt! ill give u some advice: wear a helmet, use a hammer, and go to rehab. they help nut-jobs like u keep their braincells. lol, other than that i give u kudos. :3

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