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There is no God

There is no God

Everything you know is bullshit. Death isn’t real. Life is just a dream. Enjoy yourself. Stop worrying. Stop being scared. Go after what you want, even if what you want seems beyond the realm of possibility.

Make it happen. You are god here on Earth, whoever you are. Even if you have to crawl out of the dirt to make it happen, you CAN make it happen. Never surrender to your own fear and never lose the energy you have inside.

There is no god, there is no ending, there is only just here and now.


  1. Jimy
    Jimy February 14, 2010

    Hmm… Short but powerful. I liked the fact that you kept it brief.

  2. Brijesh
    Brijesh February 15, 2010

    Thanks Jimy.

  3. Cesar Ruiz Jr
    Cesar Ruiz Jr February 22, 2010

    Hi Brijesh
    I have a similar picture on my wall with the finger touching the finger of GOD. I agree with all the positive things you’ve said, that we should enjoy our-self, that we should not worry, that we should have no fears, to go after what we want; but what if you’re wrong and their is a GOD.

    What’s been striking especially in this last decade; is that more and more of the scientific community has come to believe in intelligent design, the evidence is irrevocable we are son’s of GOD!

  4. Brijesh
    Brijesh February 24, 2010


    To answer your question “but what if you’re wrong and their is a GOD.”

    Well, I can prove if something is there, I can see humans, so they exists, I can see animals so they exists, I can feel air so it exists, I can feel heat so it exists.

    My point is, we can prove something if it exists, but I can not prove if something does not exist.

    What is GOD? By theory he is supposed to do good to all living things and nature and earth. World wouldn’t be the same violent, full of injustice and unfair to weak people if GOD exists.

  5. WasHal
    WasHal February 25, 2010

    Hi Brijesh,
    As you said it “we can prove something if it exists, but I can not prove if something does not exist”

    Have you given it a thought that maybe your organs of senses are not the ‘instruments’ to prove the existence of God. You cannot feel him with your skin, nor see him with your eyes nor smell him with your nose, it still does not prove that God doesn’t exit. It simply proves that you are incapable of comprehending His existence with your apparent senses(eyes.ears,nose….). [Try the heart and mind sometime]

    For example, go back a few thousands years. Assume you asked a person in that ‘age’ if he knew what an ‘atom’ is. I’m sure he would deny it’s existence (since he hasn’t seen,touched,heard or smelt an atom). However, you living in this modern era have the power of the microscope (note: not the human eye) to actually ‘see’ the atom. The atom existed in his age too and it exits even now. The difference is in the ability to perceive and comprehend.

    Secondly, when you say “by theory” which theory are you referring to ?

    Hasn’t ‘man’ understood yet, that God has given us freewill in this world. Nobody makes a person weak (or conducts unjustly) except the powerful of the society. It’s only a period of time (i.e. until death), after which even the powerful are weak. :-).

    I hope I was able to put forward my point-of-view in this loooong text πŸ˜‰

  6. Bhavishya
    Bhavishya February 28, 2010

    Don’t you dare deny the existence of our divine and loving Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  7. Bhavishya
    Bhavishya February 28, 2010

    On a serious note, I personally think that it is extremely arrogant of us, human beings, to make a definitive statement like “there is no God” when we know so little of this world, let alone of the universe. When Newton, one of the greatest minds to walk on this earth, believed in intelligent design, how can I, a mere mortal, be so sure about the non-existence of God? Being an engineer, I would act safe and rather say, “there is probably no God”!

  8. WasHal
    WasHal March 21, 2010

    (sorry for the delayed response)

    As you say, we know very little about the universe, and the intelligent design behind it, so wouldn’t it be ‘safer’ for a intellect like you, to say that “there probably is God!”

    For example, we both are of two different opinions on this. After death, the solution to you dilemma should come to light.
    If there is no God, then you are right, I am wrong and no one is at a loss(you lived your life according to your own rules, I lived mine according to religion).No one will be there to question me after death.
    However, if there is God, then you are wrong, I am right and you would be at a loss(almost all religions say you have to pay for your ‘sins’-each define sins in their own terms). You would be questioned for dis-believing in God’s existence.

    So to sum up, I would say it is much safer to believe in God’s existence.

  9. Brijesh
    Brijesh March 21, 2010


    Let me put it this way. Its true that I am an atheist and I don’t believe in God. But as far as “sins” go, I think I am a very well behaved human. I don’t do anything that seems un-human.

    We are all alone here on this third planet from the Sun. There is not enough time for hate, curse, cheat or fight. Whenever I see another human, I don’t see them as my competitor, instead I pity on them. He/She is just another creature with lots of problem like all of us.

    And I don’t think, even if there is a god, he will punish me. If he is, and if he wanted, he would have already done so.

  10. WasHal
    WasHal March 21, 2010

    Hi Brijesh,

    What is religion, but a set of laws defined by the creator for the created. Atheism is also nothing but a sort of religion, only defined by the created for the created. That my friend is where the fault lies.
    If I ‘create’ a hand-watch, I will define with what parameters it will be read, how it will be used and how is it supposed to function. Another person cannot define these parameters for ‘my’ watch.(you are an engineer, you will hopefully understand this)
    The same is true for the creator of life.

    You believe yourself to be very well behaved. How did you reach that conclusion. Did you judge yourself against a set of rules or was it how you wish to describe yourself for self-satisfaction.(You only avoid doing things which ‘seem’ un-human). A robber believes himself to be correct, a murderer believes himself to be correct (e.g. The US administration believes itself to be correct for the decades long sanctions on the Iraqi children – read Margaret Thatcher).
    However, in the court of law a murderer or a robber is in the wrong (the US govt. will be judged in the ‘supreme’ of all courts).

    It is true, there is not enough time in this world. That’s why we must do as much good as possible which will help us in the next world.
    However if there is no hereafter ( as I understand is your belief), then what is the purpose of doing good deeds? What is to stop me from robbing someone, when I am not accountable to anyone after my death. You may be doing good, because of the kind of experience you have had in life, or the environment you had or the upbringing of your parents. But then that cannot be generalized to everyone. Everyone has problems in life, who is to stop/guide them from taking a wrong turn in life.

    Why do you think God will not punish you ?
    Think this way.He is in no hurry to punish you. You cannot run away from him in this world of the hereafter (even if you disbelieve in him). After death you are to reach him.He would have to worry if you weren’t reaching him after death. He has given man free will in this world. The judgment for man and his actions awaits him in the hereafter. (there are cases, where God decides to punish a person in this world-read Saddam Hussein)

  11. Brijesh
    Brijesh April 4, 2010

    Hi WasHal,

    Thanks for your insightful comment. And I apologize if you found me rude in any of my previous comments. I just had a discussion with one of my friend who is a true believer in Christianity and how she hates atheists like me. You described atheists as a religion. Just to clear myself, I don’t belong to any group or any activity against people who believes in God. Atheism is just something what I believe in. I am not implying my thoughts on anyone or I am not against anyone.

    Now, here is what I think of our existence. We all evolved during billion years. Nobody created us. We evolved by nature. Out planet earth evolved. It took billion years in the process and we are still evolving. We created our civilization. We as human, distinguished between the good and the bad. We, as humans, have feelings, we become happy or become sad. We know what makes us happy and what makes us sad. Based on that, we created rules on what is right and what is wrong. Something that makes people’s life hard and unbearable is considered wrong and we avoid doing those things. Like murder or robbery.

    It just feels good to do right things to other people just because I want to; rather than doing right things to people just because God’s fear to punish me or just for the sake of going to heaven. It just doesn’t feel right to being selfish in doing good things, and just doing it just because it is instructed that way in some book. In the 3rd paragraph on the comment above you asked “what is the purpose of doing good deeds”. And the answer is to make other people smile and give them a reason to feel good. Give them a reason to pass that smile along to another human, just to make them all feel its worth living in this world. We species are alone here on this 3rd planet from the sun, we have to be united and be happy. There is no time in defining different Gods for different people and fight over that.

    I encourage you to see these two videos,
    1) My spirituality as an atheist ->
    2) Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan ->

    And just out of curiosity, how do you know that I am an Engineer. Do I know you personally?

  12. Bhavishya Goel
    Bhavishya Goel April 15, 2010

    @Washal: Even if you believe in God, there is no guarantee that you are acting safe. What if you believe in a wrong religion? Different religions talk about different ways of reaching God and proclaim that theirs is the only way. Personally, I concur with Brijesh. If a human being has helped and respected the fellow beings throughout his life, he would be dear to God irrespective of whether he believed in God or not. If you have read The chronicles of naria: The last battle, you would know what I am talking about. Read the conversation between Aslan and the soldier of Calormen.

    @Brijesh: Washal has made a very interesting point about religion defining a set of rules against which you judge yourself. Think about how the religion evolved. It basically started as a set of rules to stop one human to commit crime against a fellow human to maintain the well being of society in general. Now in those early days, there wouldn’t have been a court to punish the guilty. So an imaginary, all powerful, omnipresent being was created to install fear in the hearts of all. This feeling of what’s right and what’s wrong which you talk about has its roots in the set of rules defined by world’s religions. I agree that you don’t need the fear of God today to do what’s right. But for someone who would stay away from crime only because he is afraid of getting caught and is not smart enough to understand that we live in a closed world where your deeds always come back to affect you, the fear of God is indispensable to make him behave.

  13. Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas July 29, 2010

    God can truly only exist inside of us. What is written in our hearts is what we must be true to.
    I believe there is some sort of god, but it does not look like an old man sitting on a throne, and it’s true intentions/purpose can not be fully understood by us. To answer, why do we do good deeds if we do not believe in God? It is not fear of not doing the right thing, it is an inherent drive to help people, and do what is right. People who use that argument are ignoring the scores of people who have done plenty of wrong in the name of God.

  14. trin tragula
    trin tragula September 26, 2010

    “more and more of the scientific community has come to believe in intelligent design”

    There are exactly 0 scientists that would not ridicule this nonsense statement. The irony is that you have to be blatantly unintelligent to believe in “intelligent design”. Or paid by a religious corporation of course. Both categories are hardly scientist. They are either ignorant or marketing stuntmen or both. Not scientist.

  15. B
    B March 8, 2011

    Are you retarded? Do you realize that for every story you’ve ever heard about somebody who made it by themselves and bent the world to their will there are a thousand people, of equal value and determination, who were raped and killed, or starved to death or live in a shit hole in the jungle somewhere.

    There is no god, and that is fucking depressing. This means we’re ants at the world’s will.

  16. Michael
    Michael April 10, 2011

    “Well, I can prove if something is there, I can see humans, so they exists, I can see animals so they exists, I can feel air so it exists, I can feel heat so it exists.”

    I remember the first day I felt cold radiating from some dry ice in a restaurant where I worked. I am scientific enough to know that cold does not radiate; it is merely a gap in what otherwise is a nearly uniform blanket of infrared radiation. Because of that immersion, I had never sensed “heat” unless it stood out from the background, which also was “hot” but not distinguishably so.

    In choosing to believe or disbelieve some sort of God, many people — atheists included — have a preconception of what it means and then, failing some “test”, conclude that god does not exist, when in fact what does not exist is YOUR god that you have invented just for this purpose.

    In other words, a “straw man” god. You decide that God would not allow killing and starvation anywhere on the planet, and then you observe starvation and killing, and conclude that God does not exist. Well, for sure the kind of god that would not allow starvation and killing does not exist. That’s a simple logical exercise but not very useful.

    Once a person has felt “radiated cold” you then become aware of “universal heat” or nearly universal heat. So it is with whatever God happens to actually be. I can feel this ambiance *almost* everywhere and it is the “almost” that provides the clue of its existence.

    So for most practical purposes, Brijesh might as well be exactly correct — people are free to act, or not, free to do good or evil AS IF there were no God because he’s not very often going to intervene and never conspicuously.

    Even so, I encourage people to open their minds and sense what is indeed real; for if there’s some sort of God, there’s also some sort of the enemy of God, and that’s when you are more likely to feel the “radiating of cold” and then you’ll be a believer.

    • The mighty one
      The mighty one November 1, 2020

      “Radiating cold” & “Non intervening straw man”!!!
      Those were the best of best “kicks” out of The “holly weed” consumers i’ve ever heared
      Actually each of those holly weed consumers can improvise his own “Straw man” and his own paradise>>
      Keep consume, and make them richer

  17. nothing
    nothing June 19, 2011

    Yay another idiotic nihilist πŸ™‚ We should get coffee sometime and talk about the pointlessness of everything!

    • Brijesh
      Brijesh June 29, 2011

      Sure, I would love to chat with fellow nihilist/atheist πŸ™‚

  18. Vinny
    Vinny October 28, 2014

    Hey that was brilliant, really liked that dude!

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