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Super Mario Bros – Life is not fair

Do you think life is not fair with you? Watch this video and you will appreciate your life. This is a 23 minute frustration of a dude playing hardest Super Mario Bros ever. I just love the way he talks playing it. My favorite part is at 3:56. Whats your favorite part?

Disclaimer: This video contains some offensive language. Don’t watch it if you are not comfortable with it.



  1. Sheep
    Sheep January 11, 2010

    “I hate everything that has ever existed.”

    And he didn’t even finish… 🙁

    • Brijesh
      Brijesh January 12, 2010

      lol..!! you are right..

  2. nsbambi
    nsbambi January 16, 2010

    “Who BLEEPING did this”

    “Koopa you are a cock sucker” lol
    “This is worse than an R.L Stine book” lol
    His reactions are hilarious!! Thank you for this video.

  3. anitalite
    anitalite January 20, 2010

    Too funny, sounds just like me playing these dumb games. It’s so funny cuz we’ve all been there in Marioland. “Who put that stupid block there?” “F&CK SH&T! Gdam!” yep. been there, said that done that. lol

  4. Brijesh
    Brijesh January 20, 2010

    @ nsbambi and @anitalite
    Yeap, we have all been there in Marioland. I still like to play these NES games. I never became fond of playstation/xbox. May be because I spent most of my childhood with these games. The new generation who directly started from playstation/xbox will never understand the value of these games. I am so sorry for them.

  5. Hiral
    Hiral February 1, 2010

    my FAV is 9:36 – 9:56
    tch tch.. LOL!!!!

  6. Kyle
    Kyle April 28, 2010

    So when he dies at 8:08, the ceiling is broken. idk why he doesn’t just do that again and go up there.. he’d be home free

  7. Brijesh
    Brijesh April 30, 2010

    Exactly my question, why didn’t he go through the ceiling?

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