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GOD came, gave me answer to “Purpose of my LIFE”

I don’t know what it was. May be a thought in my mind, may be my subconscious mind, may be an idea, may be a new meaning of life.

But whatever it was, it gave me answer to my question “Purpose of my LIFE” (Read my previous post if you haven’t read it yet)

It says

“Life is Simple, not easy.
Don’t try to understand life.
Just live it.”

Then I asked, what is the purpose of my life?

It said,

“Don’t look for your purpose. You won’t find it. Create your purpose. Purpose serves as a principle to organize your life around. You should Give meaning to life not wait for life to give the meaning.”

But I don’t understand all this, why do I create a purpose for my life. Why do I need that. It’s like creating a purpose for life and then chasing my whole life behind this purpose. For some period it will be my passion to run behind it, then it will become my habit and then it will become the only thing to do in my life. I don’t want to do that.

Found this video on Youtube,

Purpose of Life


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