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You caught me Samir

This is my “about me” field in one of the social networking website,

“I am what I am.
Nobody can change me, except me.

I write my own destiny with every step that I take,
Defining the Rules of Nature,
Corrupting the balance of the wheel of Fate…

I am a Man of my Dreams and
I make My Dreams a Reality..

My story is beyond Time, my Adventure is beyond belief..”

I changed my “Status update” in that website today. And one of my friend just noticed that my “About me” and “Status update” are opposite…My status today read as

“Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.”

Nice catch Sam.

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  1. Dhara Shah
    Dhara Shah February 27, 2011

    “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.” I wish you actually applied this thoroughly to your life. You have many people in your social support but you fail to utilize them to the fullest. I am not doubting your capabilities to make your dreams a reality but all I ask for is some respect and trust as one of the people who can be a part of the process. I dislike it whenever a problem comes and you curl up in the corner by yourself. I wish that you would share rather than become ignorant of my presence. I will be waiting for you to integrate that into your personality. I may not be able to provide solutions but at least I will be honored if I can ameliorate your pain. I have a myriad of things to share with you but I am uncertain if you are ready for that or not? I will be waiting for your response.

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