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Snow Fall

So here it comes again, snow fall. This is 2nd time in this winter. And this is not any northern part of USA, this is Texas.
First snow @ UTA

Well this is the way it is. But this is a very good day for all the “DESIs” to come out of their nests with their OWN digi-cams, stand in front of every place that seems to be white and click their snaps. Being a DESI, I know, how it feels when someone is clicking your snap in such occasions. Some one is thinking to send that picture to his girlfriend, someone is thinking of sending it to their parents. And I am not an exception.

(And there are some guys, who stand near some GORI (American girls) with a mile long smile on their face and are thinking of sending that photo to their friends back home. They want to send a message through photo – “Look, I am in US, look at the girls around me, look at my life-style, now I am not one of you, my standard is higher than you.” But we all know the real situation. Lets not talk about that.)

Coming back to the topic, Snow Fall. What a beautiful day. I am listening to Beautiful Day (U2). Try this combination someday, you will definitely thank me.

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