Super Mario Bros – Life is not fair


Do you think life is not fair with you? Watch this video and you will appreciate your life. This is a 23 minute frustration of a dude playing hardest Super Mario Bros ever. I just love the way he talks playing it. My favorite part is at 3:56. Whats your favorite part?

Disclaimer: This video contains some offensive language. Don’t watch it if you are not comfortable with it.

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  • Sheep

    “I hate everything that has ever existed.”

    And he didn’t even finish… 🙁

    • Brijesh

      lol..!! you are right..

  • nsbambi

    “Who BLEEPING did this”

    “Koopa you are a cock sucker” lol
    “This is worse than an R.L Stine book” lol
    His reactions are hilarious!! Thank you for this video.

  • anitalite

    Too funny, sounds just like me playing these dumb games. It’s so funny cuz we’ve all been there in Marioland. “Who put that stupid block there?” “F&CK SH&T! Gdam!” yep. been there, said that done that. lol

  • Brijesh

    @ nsbambi and @anitalite
    Yeap, we have all been there in Marioland. I still like to play these NES games. I never became fond of playstation/xbox. May be because I spent most of my childhood with these games. The new generation who directly started from playstation/xbox will never understand the value of these games. I am so sorry for them.

  • Hiral

    my FAV is 9:36 – 9:56
    tch tch.. LOL!!!!

  • Kyle

    So when he dies at 8:08, the ceiling is broken. idk why he doesn’t just do that again and go up there.. he’d be home free

  • Brijesh

    Exactly my question, why didn’t he go through the ceiling?

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