I wanna be…. or better say I don’t wanna be…


I was just wondering today, 4PM on some idle Thursday afternoon, after a sleepless night yesterday, that I don’t know what I want to do with my life but I surely know what I don’t want to do in my life.

– I don’t want to be an ordinary person like every other creature on earth.
– I don’t want to make a family who moves their house every 6 months, I don’t want to be one of them.
– I don’t want to waste my time driving between my office and my home.
– I don’t want to be someone who needs to think about finances before buying a new Car.
– I don’t wanna be left behind.
– I don’t wanna be ignored.
– I want to be what I used to be?? May be….

“go to work, send your kids to school follow fashion, act normal walk on the pavements, watch T.V. save for your old age, obey the law Repeat after me: I am free”

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My name is Brijesh Chauhan. I live in Silicon Valley, CA. I tweak technology for a living. Jealous?

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